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Magic mr. nick's

Interactive comedy magic is designed especially for families.

The show includes clean family comedy. Your guests will see things appear and disappear right before your eyes, including Nick's puppy, Cranberry!

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audience participation

Guests will assist in locking Nick up in handcuffs, making the magic happen, and even doing the magic toilet paper dance. There are no dull pick-a-card tricks here. Okay, there is a card trick, and a snake jumps clear out of a basket to find the selected card, so it's far from boring. Nick has specialized in family entertainment for 30 years and does, on average, 300 shows a year.

 unforgettable fun!

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discover the magic 


Space Requirements

On your stage or I can set up my outdoor full-color backdrop and work as a ground act in a 30x20 space. The client provides audience seating (bleachers to bales of straw).

Power Requirements:

One 30-50 amp connection, no more than 100ft from the performance area.

Show Length and Times: 3 thirty-minute shows per day (we can move days around and do two on a short day and four on a long day).

Always Free:

• 2 Signs A-Frames with show times to promote our show, to be placed on your grounds, and showtime signage at our performance area.

Customized Audio to promote our show times that will be played at our stage area throughout the day. We can add the fair name or a sponsor, and you will also have access to these files if you want to use them on the fair PA system.

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