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Magic Mr. Nick has been in his science lab and has discovered the formula to make science learning fun! Mix together equal parts of comedy, science, audience, and teacher participation, and you get a fantastic, high-energy, motivational, learn-while-you-laugh show we like to call Dr. Wacky Science! The show is crafted like Magic Mr. Nick’s magic performances, with plenty of comedy and interaction between Nick and the kids, and engaging new experiments every 4-5 minutes!


Kids will giggle and learn about lab safety, air pressure, solutions, electricity, how soap kills viruses, the science behind soap bubbles, and even how to create HUGE vortex rings. This isn't a magic show, but kids might uncover a big magic secret along the way. The show is family-friendly, designed for kids to enjoy with their adults. The experiments are relatable and captivating, keeping everyone entertained. Plus, with a touch of magic and excitement, this 45-minute show is a hit with teachers and administrators.


Nick's aim is to inspire your kids to explore the world around them through safe science experiments and by diving into books. Let's make learning an adventure!

To book or for more information, call or text 901-485-2319 or fill out the contact form below.

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