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Bubbles, bubbles everywhere with bubble immersion! We provide the fun, great music, a huge 20' bubble sculpture, fun bubble tools for the kids, bubble machines, and our proprietary bubble solution to allow the kids to make giant bubbles. Everybody from I to 101 loves bubbles and becomes a kid again with our fantastic bubble play. This is a great activity to last the day.

Space Requirements:

40x40 flat area

Power Requirements:

One 30-50 amp connection, no more than loft from the bubble area.

Water Requirements:

Water access within 100' (water at location or we need to run a hose so we have constant access to water at the location.)

Show Length and Times:

Monitored bubble play 8 hours a day.

Always Free:

2 Signicade A-Frames to promote the bubble area to be placed on your grounds.

Customized Audio Announcements mixed in with the music promoting the bubble area and our other shows throughout the day. We can add the fair name or a sponsor, and you will also have access to these files if you want to use them on the fair PA system.


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