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Is your fair ready for a Dinosaur Takeover? We invite your guests to step back in time to meet up to 8 of their favorite dinosaurs. During the show, you can expect to see a baby dinosaur hatch, witness how we train dinosaurs, and even have a 12ft, 2000lb velociraptor play hide and seek with a few lucky kids.

Beyond meeting and learning about their favorite dinosaurs with our amazing

'live animal' dinosaur show, we want to ensure everyone knows where we are, so we also have three life-sized dinosaurs! A 50-foot brachiosaurus named Tiny, a 22-foot triceratops named Fluffy, and Thumper, a beautiful 20-foot ankylosaurus. Beyond just standing out on your Midway, these dinosaurs, along with our dinosaur egg, are educational and make amazing photo opportunities.

Space Requirements: This is a fully self-contained ground act that needs 30x60 ft of level space. The client provides audience seating (bleachers to bales of straw).

Power Requirements: Two 30-50 amp connections, no more than lOOft from the performance area.

Show Length and Times: 3 thirty-minute shows per day (we can move days around and do two on a short day and four on a long day).

Always Free:

• 2 Signicade A-Frames with show times to promote our show, to be placed on your grounds, and showtime signage at our performance area.

Customized Audio to promote our show times that will be played at our stage area throughout the day. We can add the fair name or a sponsor, and you will also have 

 access to these files if you want to use them on the fair

PA system.

Sound and lights are provided as needed.

DINO SHOW ADD ON Dino Fossil 10x20 Educational Tent up to 8 hours per day. Complete with palient alogis host and life-size T-Rex SKULL

Get our Science or Magic shows at half price with this show.

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