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Nick Toombs, widely recognized as Magic Mr. Nick, has been captivating audiences with his magic shows for over 30 years. His enchanting performances have set the benchmark for events throughout the Midsouth. You can frequently spot Nick showcasing his magic at the Memphis Zoo, fairs, festivals, schools.

In addition to magic shows, Nick produces a

variety of family-friendly shows. One such

program is Dr. Wacky Science, an educational

science show designed for children and

families. Another popular program is

Dinosaur Crew, a "live" dinosaur show

featuring incredibly life like custom puppets.

Dinosaur Crew has grown to include full-scale

fair and festival attractions with life-size

dinosaurs, interactive games, dinosaur fossils,

and other educational exhibits.   

 Nick also excels as a comedy hypnotist, entertaining audiences in the high school, corporate, fair, and

college market. His company, Memphis Magic Events,

offers themed portable mini golf and even snow

events, making it a year-round entertainment option.

The latest addition to the company is Foam Crew,

which organizes bubble events, foam parties,

foam and bubble festivals, and Despite the diverse

range of party concepts, events, and innovative

entertainment options Nick offers, he maintains

that his favorite aspect of his work is bringing a

smiles to everyone. 


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